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HHACCP Certified

HACCP Certified and FDA Registered

HACCP Certified and FDA Registered

Frozen or Dry Packaging


Snack food, fruits, container, medical, personal care, household, pet food, and other specialty markets.

Bag and Containers


We carry a large selection of standard clear bags. We can also work with our team to get you a printed bag, label or header bag to create a custom one.

General Assembly

Custom assembly line for specialty products.

Custom assembly line for your specialty products.

All types of boxes


We carry a large selection of standard size box. If we do not have it we can have out network of teams create a custom one for you. 

Custom pallet orders


Fill orders. 

Other Types of Services also Include

  • We Specialize in a large Variety of Services
  • Vacuum Packing (Frozen or Dry Product)
  • Logistics Locally (Refrigerated or Dry available)   
  • Cross Dock  
  • Freight Forwarding  
  • Product Assembly   
  • Refresh/Thawing   
  • Re-Packaging
  • Re-Boxing   
  • Custom Assembly   
  • Heat Shrink   
  • Shrink Wrapping   
  • Temperature Controlled Processing
  • Inventory Control
  • Labeling, Date, Coding
  • Band Saw (Steaks, Center Cuts, Loins)
  • Bag  Seal
  • Re-Weighing
  • Bagging 
  • Cooler/Freezer  Services   
  • Processing
  • Glazing   
  • Pallet Exchange
  • Blast Freezing    

If you have  any product that was packaged wrong and you need it fixed we can help. No project is  to big or small; Please give us call if you have any questions. Our facility is located near Miami International airport. 10,000 square feet Facility. All work is done under cooled environment. FDA Inspected and HACCP Approved Facility    

Contact us today at 305-336-8780 or EliteCoPackers@yahoo.com to discuss your solution!